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Axar Logistics offers the best in convenience with access to our load board, posting over  2500+ loads each week.  You can also call 1-800-893-1583

WHO DO I CALL IF I HAVE A PROBLEM WHILE MOVING A LOAD? Contact your Axar Logistics Account Executive at 1-800-893-1583 .

WHO CAN I CONTACT WITH AN IDENTITY THEFT SECURITY CONCERN? You can notify Axarlogistics of any potential identity theft concerns by contacting our team at 1-800-893-1583  .

Call your Axar Logistics Account Executive at 1-800-893-1583.

WHO DO I CONTACT REGARDING A CLAIM? In the event of an active or potential claim, please contact our Claims Team at  1-800-893-1583 .

OTHER QUESTIONS Call Carrier Services at 1-800-893-1583
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